Nottingham’s best recording studio

Want some more info about us and what we do? Rofl Audio (rhymes with waffle) is Nottingham’s world standard professional recording facility. Situated in the City Centre and a stone’s throw from everything that’s going on.

Rofl Audio was established with the goal of bringing the relentless standards and unparalleled quality of Hollywood to Nottingham. We offer priceless experience and only the best equipment. Having experience working with the biggest names in the business, Rofl is uniquely placed in the East Midlands.

We know that the best results are achieved by creating the perfect balance between working with clients as creative artists and efficiently conducting a pro recording session. None of our engineers are “fresh out of college”. Whether you have a preferred engineer for your project or you would like one of our house staff, you can rest assured you have the best team helping you create your vision.

Rofl Audio is like no other recording studio around. We don’t compromise.

Rhodes II close up
Vintage Neumann U47

FAQs – More info and questions clients might like to know.

  • How experienced are your engineers?

Our team currently have over 40 years experience in the professional music industry. They have worked in studios all over the world and worked with the biggest names in the industry. To even be considered to work here an engineer must have at least 5 years professional experience.

  • Do you have instruments in the studio we can borrow?

Yes, but our focus is recording to the best possible standard, so we do not have a wall to wall display for you to choose from. We have various instruments in the studio, including a vintage Hayman Drum kit, upright and electric pianos, a vintage Fender Rhodes, guitars and violins. Of course should you need to hire instruments specially, we are happy to accommodate this and please let us know on booking if you would like to do this.

  • What time is the studio open?

We are open 24/7 by appointment and thanks to our full staff of engineers we have no limits on when we need to close. So if you prefer to record through the early hours or you are an early riser, we can work with you to book you in at a mutually agreeable time.

  •  Can I bring my film project to you?

At Rofl, we are built to handle a varied mix of complex projects including those with voiceover and ADR needs along with 5.1 mixing. We have full post-production facilities, including a dedicated vocal booth,  production suite and capabilities to synchronize with any other digital or analogue system. We also have Source-Connect Pro which allows us to conduct ADR and other post production sessions from anywhere in the world.

  • Do you cater for bands outside of Nottingham?

Of Course! In fact we frequently have visitors from as far away as London and Edinburgh and even outside the UK.

  • Do you offer a mastering service along with recording and mixing?

For the most professional job, mastering should always be done independently of the recording studio. There are two main reasons for this. 1. It is always useful to have a different set of ears during this process. 2. Mastering and recording studios use completely different sets of equipment along with having rooms specifically designed for that purpose.

If you require mastering we may be able to recommend some specialist mastering studios. Get in touch with your needs and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Need any more info? Feel free to get in touch on the contact page.

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