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Voice over and ADR

Rofl Audio specialises in voice-over production, having worked for the likes of BBC, The Discovery Channel, Microsoft and many more. We have a variety of rooms available to suit the acoustics needed for your project, included a dead and acoustically flat vocal booth, to more lively and open rooms. We have  selection of industry standard broadcast microphones available to use and if you have any specific requests or equipment you need we can customize and tailor the session to meet all requirements.

If you have talent that can’t be at your studio or with the director, we use both Source-Connect and ISDN to allow real time, high quality monitoring and recording, remotely that can connect to any home or studio in the world. This is available to any client on request.

We also have a team of talented voice over artists should you need one who can help you make your script come to life and add a professional touch to your advert, audiobook, podcast and film projects.

Podcast / Audiobook production

Our studios have been perfectly designed for a range of Podcast and Audiobook solutions. Whether you would like to host a podcast on your own or bring in guests we can accommodate a variety of  setups.

Using the very best industry standard equipment, in a purpose built studio you can guarantee the best possible quality production. You can be assured of a seamless interview with one of our experienced engineers running the equipment for you, or if you prefer we can tailor an easy to use setup so you can run the show!

We regularly work with some of the biggest names in Radio, Film, TV and Music as they know they will get the results they need in our capable hands. Get in touch now with your requirements and we’ll get together the best solution for you.

Sound Design

Our 5.1 mixing suite has a huge library of samples and sound effects along with all the tools we need to help bring life to your video, film or animation, with experienced sound designers that can work to both realistic and imagination stretching briefs.

Surround Mixing

Our studios are capable of mixing up to 5.1 surround sound, up to ultra high definition with 192kHz 32bit recording and encoding. We are experienced in projects from the small screen to the big screen.

Audio Restoration

If you have noisy or distorted audio recordings we may be able to help you. Cleaning up noise on old records and cassette tapes as well as transferring and converting them to any other major format is a breeze for us. If you have recorded your music elsewhere and it isn’t quite up to scratch we may also be able to help you get rid of unwanted noise so you can get the most out of your mix.

Remote Services

We cater for UK wide and international clients through our remote services. We can connect into your LA studio or London production house live over ISDN or Source-Connect Pro or Skype to allow a collaborative approach to music making, the production process or remote direction of actors/musicians/voiceover talent.

Clients from as far away as London and Los Angeles as well as those closer to home in the Midlands; Birmingham, Leicester, Derby and Lincoln work with us remotely by sending us their project with a brief or by dialling in to us from afar. The edit and feedback process is also fast, clear and easy to understand so location need not be a barrier to accessing our acclaimed audio services.

Studio technical specification

Range of broadcast mics available on request inc. Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH 416, Sanken Cos-11

Source-connect and ISDN available fo remote recording sessions.

Pro Tools HD with recording up to 32bit 192kHz

VocAlign and Waves IR-L convolution reverb for ADR and voice over recording.

Capable of working to all major broadcast frame rates

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