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Voice Over & ADR
Voice Over & ADR
Audiobooks & Podcasts
Audiobooks & Podcasts
Sound Design
Sound Design
Surround Sound & Immersive Audio
Surround Sound & Immersive Audio

Remote Services

Rofl Audio is perfectly placed for all kinds of remote recording projects. Being centrally located in Nottingham (and centrally located in the UK!) is extremely convenient for many guests wishing to start their project in a convenient location. But we are perfectly kitted out for projects that need to connect with another guest in any part of the country or even the world!

We use the industry standard Source Connect Pro for a low latency, high quality audio connection direct from our system to yours. This means you can have your directors and producers in different studios anywhere in the world, while your voice talent is in our studios and you will all hear each other perfectly as if you were all together!

Not only does this connect the talent, but we can synchronise workstations so that the picture you see when you record, is the picture we see making for a seamless experience.

With the audio connection being so clear this also makes it perfect for remote music mixing sessions where you are unable to make it to the studios and want to guide our engineers in real time.

We can also readily connect with all consumer platforms like Skype, Zoom, Teams or a regular phone call making remote recording possible for anyone and everyone.

Audio Restoration

If you have noisy or distorted audio recordings we may be able to help you. Cleaning up noise on old records and cassette tapes as well as transferring and converting them to any other major format is a breeze for us. If you have recorded your music elsewhere and it isn’t quite up to scratch we may also be able to help you get rid of unwanted noise so you can get the most out of your mix.

Studio technical specification

Range of broadcast mics available on request inc. Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH 416, Sanken Cos-11

Source-connect and ISDN available fo remote recording sessions.

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX with recording up to 32bit 192kHz

VocAlign and Waves IR-L convolution reverb for ADR and voice over recording.

Capable of working to all major broadcast frame rates

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