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We provide a state of the art solution for producing and mixing your content for advanced surround sound formats.

Whether your final project is destined for VR, AR, XR or 360 videos, we can make that happen.

Musicians may have heard the recent hype around “8D” audio which is gaining in popularity as a surround sound format but at Rofl, we have years of experience under our belt at implementing great sounding ambisonic and surround sound content and have the expertise and tools to integrate high quality output. Whether that’s for Youtube360, Facebook360 or other surround and binaural formats.

Those interested in creating VR or AR content can mix and position their mixes themselves, live in VR from our state-of-the-art mixing suite and can have their content delivered ready-made for integration into your real-time engine, either directly in Unreal or Unity or via audio middleware such as Wwise or Fmod.

We can also take more traditional surround sound formats and convert them to be compatible with ambisonics and VR formats.

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Voice Over & ADR
Voice Over & ADR
Audiobooks & Podcasts
Audiobooks & Podcasts
Sound Design
Sound Design
Surround Sound & Immersive Audio
Surround Sound & Immersive Audio

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